Achilefu Lab publishes paper in Nature. “The membrane-associated form of cyclin D1 enhances cellular invasion”

From the abstract: The essential G1-cyclin, CCND1, is a collaborative nuclear oncogene that is frequently overexpressed in cancer. D-type cyclins bind and activate CDK4 and CDK6 thereby contributing to G1–S cell-cycle progression. In addition to the nucleus, herein cyclin D1 was also located in the cytoplasmic membrane. In contrast with the nuclear-localized form of cyclin D1 […]

Dr. Achilefu named a Pedal the Cause Featured Fighter

Dr. Achilefu and Dr. Chheda are named Pedal the Cause Featured Fighters for their advancements in cancer treatment thanks in part to funds donated by Pedal the Cause. Join Dr. Achilefu and Dr. Chheda at the Cancer Lasers Team at Pedal the Cause!