Dr. Achilefu named a Pedal the Cause Featured Fighter

Dr. Achilefu and Dr. Chheda are Featured Fighters for the 2019 Pedal the Cause. As said by those at Pedal the Cause:

“Some people choose to give 100%, for others it’s their only choice. Meet Dr. Samuel Achilefu and Dr. Milan Chheda, Pedal the Cause Featured Fighters. Both researchers have made impressive advancements in cancer research, thanks to funds donated by Pedal the Cause. Dr. Achilefu is Team Captain of the Cancer Lasers, and both doctors ride every year to be part of the community that is creating a world without cancer.

Our 2019 Featured Fighters are members of the Pedal family – survivors, fighters, doctors and caregivers – for whom the fight with cancer is personal. Together, we can create a world without cancer – all cancers, for everyone.”

Give to the Cancer Lasers Team and learn more about Pedal the Cause

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