Christine O’Brien promoted to Instructor of Radiology!

From the announcement from the Director of the Optical Radiology Lab and Chairs of Radiology: Christine’s research interests include optical imaging, Raman spectroscopy, fluorescence spectroscopy, diffuse reflectance spectroscopy, instrument development, point-of-care diagnostics, translation of optical technologies to patients, preclinical and clinical testing of optical devices, women’s health and global health. She has 19 publications and one […]

Annie Bice and Adam Bauer, PhD published “Opposed hemodynamic responses following increased excitation and parvalbumin-based inhibition” in the April issue of Journal of Cerebral Blood Flow Metabolism.

From the Abstract: Understanding cellular contributions to hemodynamic activity is essential for interpreting blood-based brain mapping signals. Optogenetic studies examining cell-specific influences on local hemodynamics have reported that excitatory activity results in cerebral perfusion and blood volume increase, while inhibitory activity contributes to both vasodilation and vasoconstriction. How specific subpopulations of interneurons regulate the brain’s […]

Monica Shokeen, PhD published “Visions by Women in Molecular Imaging Network: Antiracism and Allyship in Action” in the March issue of Molecular Imaging Biology.

From the Abstract: Recent events in America in 2020 have stimulated a worldwide movement to dismantle anti-Black racism in all facets of our lives. Anti-Black racism is, as defined by the Movement for Black Lives, a “term used to specifically describe the unique discrimination, violence, and harm imposed on and impacting Black people specifically.” In […]

Samuel Achilefu, PhD published “Targeted therapy to β3 integrin reduces chemoresistance in breast cancer bone metastases” in Molecular Cancer Therapy in March.

From the Abstract: Breast cancer bone metastases are common and incurable. Tumoral integrin β3 (β3) expression is induced through interaction with the bone microenvironment. Though β3 is known to promote bone colonization, its functional role during therapy of established bone metastases is not known. We found increased numbers of β3+ tumor cells in murine bone […]

Monica Shokeen, PhD, MBA receives award from Siteman Cancer Center as a part of a $2.1 million dollar grant into cancer research

Dr. Shokeen recently received an award from Siteman Cancer Center as a part of a $2.1 million dollar grant for cancer research. Along with Gregory Lanza, PhD, Dr. Shokeen will lead a research team to develop proof-of-concept evidence related to the therapeutic response and effectiveness of a new targeted combination nanotherapy for patients with multiple […]