Culver and Eggebrecht labs publish paper in Neuroimage. “Decoding visual information from high-density diffuse optical tomography neuroimaging data”.

From the abstract: Neural decoding could be useful in many ways, from serving as a neuroscience research tool to providing a means of augmented communication for patients with neurological conditions. However, applications of decoding are currently constrained by the limitations of traditional neuroimaging modalities. Electrocorticography requires invasive neurosurgery, magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) is too cumbersome […]

Culver lab publishes paper in Nature Communications. “Astrocyte deletion of α2-Na/K ATPase triggers episodic motor paralysis in mice via a metabolic pathway”.

From the abstract: Familial hemiplegic migraine is an episodic neurological disorder characterized by transient sensory and motor symptoms and signs. Mutations of the ion pump α2-Na/K ATPase cause familial hemiplegic migraine, but the mechanisms by which α2-Na/K ATPase mutations lead to the migraine phenotype remain incompletely understood. Here, we show that mice in which α2-Na/K […]

Shokeen lab publishes paper in Seminars of Radiology Oncology. “Novel Agents and Future Perspectives on Theranostics”.

From the abstract: In the current era of precision medicine, there is renewed interest in radiopharmaceutical therapy and theranostics. The approval of somatostatin receceptor directed therapy and norepinephrine transporter targeted 131I-MIBG therapies by the FDA and the rapid progress of highly promising beta and alpha emitter tagged PSMA directed therapy of prostate cancer have stimulated clinically […]

Achilefu Lab publishes paper in Leukemia. “The membrane-associated form of cyclin D1 enhances cellular invasion”

From the abstract: T-cell-based immunotherapy, such as CAR-T cells and bispecific T-cell engagers (BiTEs), has shown promising clinical outcomes in many cancers; however, these therapies have significant limitations, such as poor pharmacokinetics and the ability to target only one antigen on the cancer cells. In multiclonal diseases, these therapies confer the development of antigen-less clones, […]

Monica Shokeen, PhD, MBA receives award from Siteman Cancer Center as a part of a $2.1 million dollar grant into cancer research

Dr. Shokeen recently received an award from Siteman Cancer Center as a part of a $2.1 million dollar grant for cancer research. Along with Gregory Lanza, PhD, Dr. Shokeen will lead a research team to develop proof-of-concept evidence related to the therapeutic response and effectiveness of a new targeted combination nanotherapy for patients with multiple […]

Monica Shokeen, PhD Inducted into the Academy of Educators

The Academy of Educators at Washington University School of Medicine is an institutional collaboration of educators who together will foster a culture of educational excellence and an institutionally valued community of leaders in health science education. Read more here.