Laboratories & ORL Centers

Each Laboratory and Research Core has an area of expertise in Optical Radiology providing an interdisciplinary and complete approach to finding solutions.

Achilefu Lab

Visit the Achilefu Lab’s site

Learn more about the Achilefu Lab’s research and Dr. Achilefu’s many interesting projects

Berezin Lab

View more about the Berezin Lab’s website here:
Berezin Lab

Black Lab

Find more information about the Black Lab and Dr. Black

Culver Lab

Bauer Lab

Learn more about the Bauer Lab’s research

Eggebrecht Lab

Read more about the Eggebrecht Lab’s research and Dr. Eggebrecht

Shokeen Lab

Read more about the Shokeen Lab’s research and Dr. Shokeen

Molecular Imaging Center

View more about the MIC on our website:
Molecular Imaging Center

The MIC Resources and Instruments are available for collaborators and outside use

Center for Multiple Myeloma Nanotherapy (CMMN)

Read more about CMMN

Spectroscopy Core

Find out more about the Optical Spectroscopy Core within the Berezin Lab