Joseph Culver, PhD

Professor of Radiology


  • University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia PA Department of Physics and Astronomy, Doctor of Philosophy in Physics, May 1997. Research Advisors: Arjun G. Yodh and Robin M. Hochstrasser.
  • University of Washington, Seattle WA; Bachelor of Science, Physics, May 1988
  • Whitman College, Walla Walla, WA; Bachelor of Arts, Math-Physics, May 1985

Research Interests
Dr. Culver’s lab explores ways of exploiting non-invasive optical measurements for both functional- and molecular- biological imaging. Specifically, Culver’s group develops subsurface optical tomography for imaging intrinsic, hemoglobin-sensitive contrasts, and exogenous, molecularly-targeted-fluorescent contrasts. Using hemoglobin contrasts, a portable and wearable brain imaging device is being developed to expand the range of human behaviors that can be assessed with functional neuroimaging techniques. In another project, fluorescence tomography systems and methods are being developed to image the bio-distribution of molecularly targeted probes in small animal models of disease.


For an up to date list of Dr. Culver’s publications please see his entry on and Google Scholar and PubMed